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“Early in the pandemic, colleagues referred Level Legal for a massive second request. Their professionalism, subject-matter expertise, and excellent work product was key to meeting our deadline.” Golden Circle Client


There is no such thing as failure to comply.

Antitrust and competition laws around the world are rapidly evolving, and companies face new risks and severe penalties while trying to keep up with the complex rules. Level Legal’s antitrust litigation review team has deep experience in antitrust and competition law, combined with robust and commercially-focused litigation skills, to help our clients craft solutions that will withstand scrutiny in all major antitrust or competition law jurisdictions, protecting privilege along the way.

​Second requests and international antitrust matters

Ediscovery often plays a critical role in the outcome of antitrust matters. The size, scale, and document-intensive nature of most antitrust matters—litigation, mergers, and investigations—requires that we take a strategic approach to efficiently discover critical facts and put them into usable perspective. Our team’s experience and expertise, combined with the appropriate use of eDiscovery technology enhances our ability to collect, review, and produce large volumes of documents to outside counsel, allowing our clients to respond to matters within weeks of receiving requests for documents.

When time is short or the stakes are high, our data-driven attorneys have the expertise and experience to ask insightful questions, create custom workflows, and develop unique strategies implemented with laser-focused accuracy to meet stringent government deadlines. Level Legal uses proven document reduction processes, including technology-assisted review (TAR) and active learning, to swiftly and defensibly reduce substantial data volumes and simplify complex workstreams. Our systems allow our expert attorneys to focus on the nuanced analysis required to determine responsiveness, privilege, and compliance with various countries’ laws.

Throughout the project, we collaborate with the case team, recommend strategies for reduction and prioritization, and keep counsel informed and aligned every step of the way. Level Legal’s tech-enabled, human-driven approach makes us not only our clients’ strategic partner, but also the tireless workhorses that allow success for all parties involved.

Regulatory compliance

Every industry, regardless of location, faces evolving regulatory challenges. Companies operating across jurisdictions face parallel, and often conflicting, regulatory requirements that can critically impact business operations and bottom lines.

At Level Legal, we provide the expertise on efficient workflows, data management, and risk mitigation on regulatory compliance and other disputes so that your business can focus on its goals. Whether related to antitrust and competition, international trade, government contracts, government relations, securities, or fraud investigations, we have the knowledge and experience to help. We can advise on appropriate technology and project scope needed to ease your regulatory burdens and comply with governmental and administrative policies to mitigate risk.

With the ever-increasing weight of regulation across various sectors and industries, businesses that efficiently and effectively manage these regulatory regimes have a distinct competitive advantage. Level Legal’s goal is to help our clients obtain quicker market access, avoid enforcement sanctions, and reach their strategic goals.