Level Legal


Early in the pandemic, colleagues referred Level Legal for a massive second request. Their professionalism, subject-matter expertise, and excellent work product was key to meeting our deadline.” Golden Circle Client


Our one goal: To see you win.

Level Legal was founded 12 years ago by three litigators and a paralegal. The Alternative Legal Service (ALSP) model was barely an idea, but these four knew from their own experiences of the growing need to offer legal services to litigators and their clients through a more efficient model.

This original idea to build a company of attorneys and technology experts who clear the runway for litigators and allow them to focus on their case strategies still stands today—and has allowed Level Legal to grow and expand as their clients’ needs have evolved.

We don’t compete with lawyers. We’re their best-kept secret.

​eDiscovery and data solutions

We don’t believe that our clients should be forced to use one technology product to solve all of their eDiscovery problems. We do believe a good provider will carry that responsibility for their clients, allowing them the freedom to choose the right solution for their eDiscovery matter.

And always, we know that the simplest path to the strongest outcome will be the best solution.

Strategic consulting. Our eDiscovery team strategizes with clients as early as possible to establish the project variables and requirements and recommend the right mix of technology, people, and workflows. The earlier we establish key metrics, the better the outcomes as well.

Defensible collections. The Level Legal eDiscovery team offers forensics and cloud and on-premise collections. We understand the importance of collaborating with our clients to document the collections strategy, collections plan, and collections method before execution. At that point, Level Legal will ensure that all ESI and its associated metadata will be collected in a manner that is legally defensible, targeted, and efficient.

Early case assessment. We work hard to discover key data trends early in the process, pare down the dataset, and keep culling through review.

Hosting and processing. We offer active, long-term, and legacy archive data hosting at one of our two datacenters in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Arlington, Virginia. Our processing workflows are powered by Casepoint or Relativity, ensuring the integrity of your data through simplified, automated, and efficient processes.

Managed Review. We take the “managed” part of review seriously. If there is a workflow to save our clients time and spend, we bring it to their attention. We are fearless in suggesting advanced technology and project management methodologies that we know will prove successful for our clients. And no matter what, we are there 24/7 while the matter is in our hands.

Analytics. To get the best outcomes most efficiently, Level Legal offers several best-in-class analytics tools depending on matter specifics and strategy. Better yet, we offer the humans who know how to use these tools in your best interest to get the best results.

Client Reporting. Level Legal’s comprehensive business intelligence and reporting technology provides clients unmatched transparency through detailed project budget and reporting dashboards. We want our clients to have the information they want, when they want because we know this leads to better outcomes.


The Level Legal project teams are process-driven attorneys and eDiscovery analysts with extensive experience working with law firms and corporate legal teams across a wide range of industries and legal fields.

Collaboration. The distinctiveness of every lawsuit requires different strategies and skills, and we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure the project plan is aligned with scope, workflows, and resource estimates for each project. This also includes considerations around the use of advanced technologies and review methodologies.

Communication. Our clients appreciate that we can report customized project metrics hourly, daily, or whenever they like. Also, because of our real-time data intelligence, we use Microsoft Teams to communicate with our internal teams throughout the day to give feedback, pivot when necessary, and pass along crucial changes from outside counsel.

Systemization. We systematize our processes to ensure high quality, efficiency, predictability, and cost control. Our review and quality control processes are designed for defensibility. We thoroughly track each attorney’s performance across projects and staff future projects with an optimal mix of our highest performing attorneys. Our approach to quality ensures continuous improvement of our people and processes, delivering excellence and dependability for our clients.

Cost prediction. To enable our clients to better plan and predict costs, we offer alternative fee arrangements that are transparent and flexible. We also offer pricing per unit, per hour, and per project.