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“The compliance and eDiscovery tools that we work with are better across the board, but many in the legal industry (clients and vendors alike) continue to be hamstrung by outdated workflows and practices. That includes volume-based pricing, which inherently assumes all gigabytes or units are the same.”


Uncover the facts, faster.

When facing a potential internal breach or an external hot button such as acts of fraud, government investigations, regulatory inquiries, major litigation or transactional disputes, Level Legal get to the facts, faster. Our attorneys and technology experts know how to work with legal counsel and audit teams to help investigate and evaluate issues using the most practical, efficient, and defensible approaches possible.

Internal investigations

Internal investigations are changing in the age of COVID-19. And because internal investigations can be complex and require a plan tailored to each situation, companies that don’t have a standardized investigation management process or case management system put themselves at risk when employees are working remotely and interviews are needed and data is requested and collected.

Level Legal provides a defensible solution for the entire investigations process, which usually begins with a trigger event that kicks off an action from legal, HR, or compliance asking for our assistance. Tight timelines, large and disparate data volumes, governmental pressure, or a questionable employees still present in an organization create immense pressure to complete an investigation expeditiously, with tight control over information flow, defensible procedures, and detailed documentation and audit trail in the event of follow-on investigations or litigation.

Led by Level Legal Director of Legal Compliance Services Greg Moreman, our team works closely with our clients to ensure we are fully aligned on time and budget restraints, possible technology enhancements, workflows, data chains of custody, and a legally reasonable scope.

Regulatory investigations and compliance

Regulatory investigations and enforcement can cripple your business, tie your team up in document discovery, halt productivity, and risk your reputation—and that’s all before the costs and risks of litigation. After years of experience, Level Legal knows the best defense is a good offense, taking a proactive approach to compliance by implementing systems and processes that minimize our clients’ risk and exposure.

Level Legal’s compliance team can help you implement, maintain, and improve your compliance program, ensuring proper audits in every business unit, as well as compliance and training programs that protect you in the event of environmental incidents, security breaches, or other regulatory violations.

With our broad knowledge of local regulations and multijurisdictional capabilities, we help clients within the United States and internationally address regulatory compliance issues across a myriad of. As businesses become more globalized and international business transactions become more complex, the ability to obtain knowledgeable attorneys who understand cross-jurisdictional issues and can act as the workhorses to ensure excellence is critical.