• Prestigious international AmLaw 10 firm with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia
  • Thousands of public and private clients
  • Known for its world-class legal excellence, dedication to clients, and commitment to public service
  • Multi-lingual document review including Chinese and English
  • Short timeframe dictated by grand jury subpoena
  • Heightened level of international attention
  • Respond to a complex multinational investigation within eight days
  • Engage a trusted external team under COVID-19 restrictions
  • Tightly manage communications with remote, distributed team
  • Complete exhaustive security screening before project start
  • Establish and maintain the highest levels of security
  • Deliver multi-lingual review on time and on budget
  • Expert legal review, including foreign language review
  • Designed and managed workflow, QC, and reporting processes
  • Guaranteed 100% operational availability 24 x 7
  • Collaboration tools to ensure cohesion of remote, distributed project team

This case had all of the challenges associated with an internal investigation, exacerbated by unprecedented restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

  • Due to the grand jury subpoena deadline, the time available from initial training to completion was just eight days.
  • COVID-19 precautions required all external investigation services to be provided remotely; internal staff were moved to a distributed environment.
  • Intense and time-consuming security checks were required before access to the law firm’s internal network could only be granted to external partners.
  • The project required review of a large volume ofEnglish- and Chinese-language client data which, without the proper eDiscovery technology or review team expertise, could significantly increase time and costs.

The Level Legal InfoSec Team worked with the law firm’s CISO to ensure that, within 24 hours, all security protocols and confidentiality requirements were tested, revalidated, and approved. Level Legal’s remote environment satisfied a further battery of security and efficiency tests to confirm the highest levels of protection were in place.

Level Legal’s Investigation Team worked around the clock with the firm’s attorneys to select the best technology from its arsenal of solutions to design the most efficient workflows, QC protocols, and real-time reporting metrics to ensure clarity of scope, progress, and work product deliverables. In particular, Level Legal deployed the most effective eDiscovery tools to avoid the cost and delay frequently associated with multi-lingual review sets.

To meet the government-dictated deadline, Level Legal guaranteed 100 percent operational continuity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Throughout the project, they continuously monitored and audited the remote environment in real time to ensure both data security and optimal efficiency.


The flexibility of Level Legal’s infrastructure allowed them to pivot overnight to overcome the extraordinary challenges of operating a distributed workforce under the highest levels of security and scrutiny in the height of a global pandemic.

By using highly collaborative communication tools and daily video conferencing between counsel and the team Level Legal ensured the client received an exceptional work product on time and within the estimate originally given.

Level Legal’s relationship with this client spans 10 years. The trust earned through that decade enabled these teams to work quickly and effectively to overcome any challenges and deliver a successful outcome.