Team of In-House Attorneys and Subject-Matter Experts Deliver Innovative and Personalized Technology Recommendations to Fortune 1000 Clients

Working Group Launches with Enterprise eDiscovery Technology Leader Casepoint as a Partner

Dallas, Texas
  Level Legal, a leading legal services company, today announced it has established a Technology Working Group (TWG) dedicated to researching and identifying best-in-class legal technology and business intelligence tools to service the company’s growing stable of compliance, privacy, and eDiscovery clients. The technology-versatile group started as a collaborative grassroots effort among 10-15 team members to expand the company’s internal infrastructure and data security protocols, and has grown to comprise several sub-working groups focused on specific technology challenges, such as eDiscovery. To solidify the TWG’s expertise in this practice area, Level Legal announced a partnership that combines its service with the technology of enterprise eDiscovery technology leader, Casepoint, to offer clients a comprehensive solution based on a more predictable and transparent cost structure that is customized to their unique workflow.

“We built a relationship with Level Legal before either organization agreed to a business partnership,” said Amit Dungarani, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Casepoint. “Our partnership is a true collaboration between two independent companies with aligned values and an intense commitment to excellence – Casepoint in technology and Level Legal in service. We believe innovative solutions come from companies who are relentless in their pursuit of open, collaborative, and fearless cultures, and Level Legal fits that description perfectly.”

The TWG initiative grew out of Level Legal’s recognition that how people use technology is rapidly evolving with the acceptance of cloud computing, AI, and data analytics. With people at its core, the TWG team consists of accomplished attorneys who have experience in a broad range of professional domains and legal practice areas, including: MBAs, PhDs, engineers, patent lawyers, cybersecurity specialists, and data scientists. All are actively engaged in continual testing and retesting of products, and operate under the belief that clients are better served when they have options in technology solutions and workflows to succeed in today’s market.

All of the group’s technology evaluations are based on a 125-point checklist of specific features and benefits to determine optimal suitability based on budget, ESI constraints, client sophistication, case value, subject matter, and security requirements. In addition to examining a tool’s technical capabilities, the TWG conducts in-depth evaluations of each vendor’s culture and client service standards – subjective criteria that have a profound impact on the success of a project. The result is an offering of hand-picked technology products that can be deployed quickly to solve unique client problems and achieve optimal outcomes.

Based on many months of rigorous testing and conferring, one of the first technology providers that emerged as a leader is Casepoint. Casepoint’s blazing fast SaaS-based eDiscovery platform is the culmination of more than 12 years of innovation, and includes cloud collections, data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, review, and highly customizable productions – all in an easy-to-use web interface.

“From Level Legal’s inception we have always understood that no two clients are alike,” said Leigh Vickery, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Level Legal. “Incorporating this core value as part of our Technology Working group, we’ve created an innovative process that places equal importance on product capabilities and cultural alignment to find the right solutions that meet our clients’ unique challenges and requirements. When like-minded people—a mix of attorneys, client service managers, and technology providers—collaborate we are successful at solving client problems and finding internal efficiencies as well.”