Level Legal, a global legal services company, is pleased to announce that several of its team members have achieved the Brainspace Analyst Certification. In Client Services, Director of Legal Compliance Services Greg Moreman, Review Manager Adam Paulson, and Attorney Associate Gary Armstrong all achieved certification. In Innovation, Leigh Vickery did as well.

Gary Armstrong took the initiative on his own to also achieve certification as a Brainspace Administrator, helping Level Legal achieve milestones in our ability to offer our clients numerous analytics options in our technology toolset.

Brainspace creates machine learning software to analyze unstructured datasets. The platform’s learning is expressed through interactive visualizations that are thoughtfully simple yet unbelievably powerful. Brainspace provides a 360◦ view that adapts as it follows the user’s train of thought, suggesting additional pathways that help connect the dots even faster. Brainspace’s training covers all the visual analytics and augmented intelligence features as well as standard workflows designed to maximize the value of the software.