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ILTA, Utah, and all things innovation

It’s a big week for innovation (my favorite topic), and we have lots of updates from Level Legal to share with you.

First, I’ve been invited to speak on a panel at ILTA>ON focused on “Selling Innovation.” The session will take place on Friday, August 28 at 12:45 pm CT. Together with my co-panelists from Baker Donelson, Norton Rose Fulbright and Thomson Reuters, we’ll be talking about ways law firms are moving past selling traditional legal services toward selling products and non-traditional services like technology products, consulting services, and more.

Here at Level Legal, where we have yet to see a one-size-fits-all solution save the day, pretty much everything we do falls into the non-traditional bucket. Every day, we are facing new challenges with our customers and implementing custom blends of technologies to solve the most vexing legal challenges. This ILTA panel gives me a chance to step away from that day-to-day commitment and share my learnings with others who have yet to make the shift from traditional legal or don’t know where to begin.

One thing I’ve learned while meeting with my co-panelists is that ending the “old way” of doing things in favor of a new approach is more of a mindset than a skillset. There are so many really smart people in our industry, and there’s great potential for some truly transformational innovation. One way to think about it is by listening to Simon Sinek’s podcast on the topic of innovation. He talks about the opportunity COVID-19 presents to redefine your approach to business and break the mold, regardless of what industry you are in. In legal, that was never more true than it is today. I’ll be adding my own insights on that topic in a discussion on Litera TV with my friend and mentor, Bob Ambrogi, so tune in Thursday 1:30 to 2:00 pm CT — and, of course, be sure to register for ILTA if you have not already.

Utah’s Access to Justice

The second update that I’m excited to share is the Utah Supreme Court’s passage of a two-year regulatory sandbox to further increase access to justice. Simply put, this sandbox was created because nothing has worked so far in the traditional legal world to make it possible for the poor and working class to afford legal representation.

When I began working in the legal industry, it occurred to me as an outsider and businessperson that about 80 percent of repetitious legal services could be bundled and sold as products, much like a SKU. Thinking about it in those terms actually presents a number of opportunities for opening up access to justice — and for a much broader approach for law companies like ours. I touch on these in my blog, “Utah, We are Going to Need a Bigger Sandbox,” which Bob Ambrogi has graciously posted on his site, and I hear we are going to discuss the topic during our time together. If you don’t have time to read the blog, I’ll leave you with these closing thoughts:

“The solution is not about lawyer vs. non-lawyer. It is not about whether the Big Four shows up. Those are still binary approaches. Let’s build solutions with companies that think like Amazon, creating ecosystem-based solutions outside of traditional legal channels.”