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"The amount of trust that I have with them is huge. They get that their job is to make me look good, and that my job is to make my boss look good. Plus, I really like them."

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We need a legal revolution, not reformation

There is an obvious cry from society to reform the law firm business model. Kill the billable hour. Give power to the consumer. Focus on diversity and inclusion. Create a more humane culture. These are all good ideas, but they are not revolutionary – or easily measured. How can we create an economic model that increases the measurable value of the financial, human, and social capital components of the entire legal supply chain?

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In extraordinary times, lawyers need creative solutions

Above the Law Editor Joe Patrice chats with Joey Seeber and Leigh Vickery of Level Legal about taking a small, boutique approach to large legal department and Biglaw problems.

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What Drives You to Meet a Challenge?

How do you get something right – like working efficiently with no disruption to our clients in the middle of a global pandemic – when there is no playbook to follow? There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to meeting the challenges that come our way. But we rely on our core values to guide us, regardless of the circumstances.

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Law in the time of Corona

Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Leigh Vickery gives her feelings on the first few weeks when COVID-19 hit and all that happened at Level Legal. "Right now, the legal industry is experiencing what it feels like to have a decade of needed change compressed into weeks. We are seeing massive waves of creativity (forget innovation) in law. We are seeing an unprecedented open-source approach among lawyers to figure out what’s next. Together."

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