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Level Legal

Level Legal has specific expertise in government regulation and understands the profound impact these requirements have on companies’ business operations. Regulatory and enforcement actions by countless U.S. federal and state agencies can impose significant costs, foreclose promising developments, and at times threaten a company’s stability or growth opportunity.

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Our thinking

Looking to transform corporate culture? Start with core values

For those of us in compliance, corporate culture probably ranks as one of the least quantifiable business attributes to measure.

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8 things law firm partners need to know about the innovators they lead

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Leigh Vickery writes of her experience on a recent ILTA panel, "As I have processed that experience, I have wondered more and more about what it would be like to be an innovator in a law firm culture. Also, I have wondered what do their leaders really understand about how they think, how they come up with new ideas, and how they solve problems."

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ILTA, Utah, and all things innovation

Level Legal's Leigh Vickery writes about the week in innovation: her panel at ILTA and law firm innovation, the Utah Supreme Court decision, and the guest column she wrote about what that decision could mean for legal innovation beyond A2J: "“The solution is not about lawyer vs. non-lawyer. It is not about whether the Big Four shows up. Those are still binary approaches. Let’s build solutions with companies that think like Amazon, creating ecosystem-based solutions outside of traditional legal channels.”"

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Managing antitrust reviews that span multiple jurisdictions

Lawyer Monthly features Level Legal's Daniel Bonner answering a question about one of our area of expertise: International antitrust reviews are a labour-intensive process, especially during a pandemic. How do review teams effectively tackle these projects?

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