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Step One: Ensure the customer is in compliance.
Step Two: Analyze compliance data to drive the customer’s goals forward.
Level Legal and OneTrust partner to bring technology and human acumen to our customers’ compliance programs.


OneTrust: Privacy, Security & Governance

How Level Legal shifts compliance into strategy in today’s data economy

Gone are the days when companies could survive, much less thrive, with data siloes throughout the organization, especially legal. And to take it further, legal has always been seen as a cost center and not a contributor to driving operational excellence and revenue.

True, the mantra of “do more with less” and “reduce legal spend” has led to notable efficiencies in process- and task-based legal spend in the past decade or so. But these efficiencies and cost reductions are just that, and they can only go so far. The onset of automations and AFAs were good initial steps, but not enough to make a real difference across a company’s balance sheets and business plans. Legal has still been isolated, and innovation has been rewarded for “faster, better, cheaper.”

The Level Legal approach to privacy, security, and governance models our culture and our structure: multifaceted and multipurpose. Today’s legal teams need to understand and the speak the language of the CEO, CFO, GC, and yes, to understand the ethical responsibilities our client has to their customers and employees.

Our approach is born from understanding the insights and power waiting to be extracted when companies design a holistic approach to how they manage their data according to their business strategies, not just the cost of the next litigation matter. Of course, we are there to handle our clients’ matters from collections to production when they unfortunately pop up, but our goal is to build and manage our clients’ data governance, risk, privacy, and compliance program in such a way that they avoid litigation altogether and can concentrate on moving forward.

Why OneTrust

Too many of us have been burned by the promises of #legaltech products before. OneTrust is not an eDiscovery tool trying to bolt on compliance workflows. OneTrust was born in the technology innovation space. In a very short time, OneTrust has leveled up the technology around all of today’s hotbed legal, regulatory, security, and compliance issues and continues to outpace the nearest next-best option at a record-breaking pace.

The OneTrust approach aligns with ours: How can our work move our customers’ goals forward? We don’t check the box and consider that a job well done. We take on the responsibility of educating and serving our customers on how the OneTrust technology, paired with providers like Level Legal, can transform a burden into a winning strategy for today’s most resilient, leading companies.

OneTrust technology is recommended by 9 of the top 10 highest-grossing law firms, plus half of the Fortune 500 and three of the Big Four. Level Legal provides the consultation, design, implementation, and ongoing data management, working alongside in the day-to-day to help each stakeholder achieve their goals.

The first step is always about ensuring compliance. Level Legal levels up to use OneTrust to drive operational excellence, as well as provide insights to the customer to help plan their next strategic attack: perhaps a service line, geographic expansion, or acquisition.