Level Legal


“Level Legal is very client oriented and critical to outside counsel’s success in providing us with the utmost service available.”

Long-time eDiscovery Client, Fortune 100 Tech Company


First you start with why.

Before Level Legal began 12 years ago, many of us were already long-time friends and trial attorneys who knew we enjoyed working together. We decided to take our work to the next level, and Level Legal has become a trusted partner for AmLaw 100 law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Over the years, Level Legal has evolved to offer thoughtful solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs in eDiscovery, litigation, compliance, and investigations.

But first, we needed to define our common purpose. Why we work hard. Why we want to come to work every day, sometimes seven days a week. To this day, we make every decision guided by the three core values below. The same attitude and intrinsic motivation to help others lives on at Level Legal among the original team and all who have made the larger story even better along the way.

Give a damn.

The best work comes from a dedicated team giving a conscientious spirit of service to clients, co-workers, and Level Legal. We are engaged and willing to go above and beyond that which is required—without concern for immediate personal reward or recognition.

  • Conscientious spirit of service
  • Willingness to go above and beyond what is required; not taking the easy way out
  • Recognition that what you’re working toward is bigger than yourself, any one person, or project
  • Pride and ownership of work
  • Continuous active learning and improvement
​Get it done right.

Hard work is its own reward. We seek to collaborate constructively with co-workers and clients in any way possible, even before being asked. This includes a measure of intuition alongside attention to detail—and means that tasks are completed diligently, timely, and efficiently.

  • Work hard
  • Intuition and initiative to assist co-workers and clients
  • Timely completion of work
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaborative in a positive, constructive, and efficient way
​Show respect.

Good work is built from good people. We are patient, fair, generous, and open-minded, working always with clients and each other in the context of cooperation, support, and respect.

  • Cooperative and supportive of each other
  • Good steward of resources and facilities
  • Treat others as they wish to be treated—The Platinum Rule
  • Conflict addressed in a positive and respectful manner
  • Communication and interaction is patient, fair, kind, open, and honest