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To be competitive in today’s privacy practice, lawyers need to provide their clients more than strategy. The happiest clients are the ones whose lawyers bundle their counsel with the team to run the corporate privacy program. Level Legal takes the baton. You win the day.



In navigating the ever-changing privacy landscape, the one constant is the human whose privacy deserves protection. We work with our clients to ensure an environment is not only compliant with privacy regulations in whatever jurisdictions they need, we also proactively design policies and programs to help them pursue ethical excellence and strategic growth, Our holistic approach to data as a force of differentiation in today’s most forward-thinking companies makes Level Legal a powerful ally for your privacy counsel, your CFO, and your employees. Our highly accomplished privacy attorneys and project managers have helped some of world’s largest companies navigate these sensitive issues, assessing their current practices and helping them next level their privacy programs.


Privacy program providers in the data economy

Level Legal’s holistic understanding of the interplay of data, humans, reputation, and responsibility in an increasingly complicated legal landscape has made us the compelling choice to handle not only privacy litigation matters but to work alongside business consultants, privacy counsel, and corporate counsel to ensure best-in-class corporate privacy and compliance programs.

Our years of experience working in data discovery have been instrumental in helping our clients see the risks of keeping data in silos, design workflows and automations that reach the outcomes needed efficiently and at the lowest cost possible, and perhaps most importantly, communicate empathically with employees and customers on the “why” of these important initiatives.

Our clients often refer to us as their right-hand, yet often silent, partners, We are always there to grow, support, and evolve their privacy programs as their goals change, and our one goal is to help them succeed.

If needed, Level Legal prefers to use OneTrust as our technology platform. We also work with our clients’ own technology as well.

We help our clients by providing any or all of the following program services:

» Privacy and Legal, including data breach notifications

» Security, Risk, and Audit

» Data Governance and Analytics

» Digital and Marketing Operations

» Publishers and Advertisers

» Ethics, Risk and Compliance

» Vendor, Sourcing and Procurement