Level Legal


Level Legal has specific expertise in government regulation and understands the profound impact these requirements have on companies’ business operations. Regulatory and enforcement actions by countless U.S. federal and state agencies can impose significant costs, foreclose promising developments, and at times threaten a company’s stability or growth opportunity.



Level Legal knows that without good eDiscovery, organizations that encounter court orders or regulatory obligations to produce information run the risk of sanctions, fines, or other penalties. Every industry, regardless of location, faces evolving regulatory challenges. Companies operating across jurisdictions face parallel, and often conflicting, regulatory requirements that can critically impact business operations and bottom lines.

When facing a regulatory investigation or cyber breach incident, a swift, accurate, and expert response is critical to your company’s or client’s survival. Level Legal offers comprehensive legal and technology services and support for rapid regulatory response, both contentious and non-contentious.

Our years of experience as data eDiscovery attorneys provide the expertise on efficient workflows, data management, and risk mitigation on regulatory compliance and other disputes so that our clients can focus on their goals. Whether related to international trade, government contracts, government relations, securities, or fraud investigations, we can advise on appropriate technology and project scope needed to ease your regulatory burdens and comply with governmental and administrative policies to mitigate risk.

On an ongoing basis, we also help implement and manage regulatory and compliance programs for our law firm and in-house clients, mitigating risk and tracking multiple global regulatory bodies to stay on top of new laws and regulations, decisions, and other alerts important to their business.

Our goal is to work hard for our clients to anticipate and avoid any incident before it becomes a problem, as this long-term strategy leads to a healthier business overall. But when necessary, we pivot quickly with our clients to offer our legal and technology expertise to bring every matter to a prompt, satisfactory conclusion.

Our focus areas

» Administrative and public law

» Anti-bribery and corruption

» Audits

» Banking and financial services

» Business and human rights



» Data protection and privacy

» Environmental incidents

» Fraud investigations

» Government regulatory bodies, including FCC, EPA, and SEC

»Product regulation

» Public private partnerships (PPP)

» Regulatory and public affairs

» Security breaches

» Title IX