In this
episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, Tom Fox is joined by Joey Seeber, CEO of Level Legal, an alternative legal services provider with a wide range of talented skills. He explores how an alternative legal service provider can act as an adjunct to an in-house corporate legal team, compliance function, or law firm. In this Part 1, he discusses Joey’s professional background, his time in politics, the founding of the company, and its early days. Some of this episodes highlights include:

  • What led Seeber to run for public office and why the mayor of Tyler?
  • What were some of the key leadership lessons Weeber learned as Mayor?
  • What were a couple of Seeber’s top challenges/successes as Mayor?
  • What led Seeber to found Level Legal?
  • What makes the Level Legal approach different?
  • Why is Level Legal a ‘Boundary Pushers’ in the legal space?
  • Why is building long-term relationships so critical to Level Legal success?
  • What are some of Level Legal’s biggest successes to date?

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