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Level Legal

"Their project managers take ownership of a case. They collaborate, escalate when necessary, and respond quickly."

Corporate Counsel, Fortune 100 Company

Level 2 Legal eDiscovery Solutions

Collaboration at every level.

Our clients today can't afford to wait for us to have multiple levels of decision-making before we get them what they need. The pyramid structure of the past does not work in a post-COVID world where continuous innovation, iteration, and pivoting are table stakes to survival, much less excellence.

Level Legal is a project-based legal services company, and a project-based company functions at its best with a structure built on collaboration, flexibility, and cross-functional expertise. This takes discipline, a learning mindset, and well-defined processes and systems that we all follow at all times.

We have our core team dedicated to process, methodology, training, and continuous innovation. The culture we strive for is one where all team members feel free to give real-time feedback and ideas for improvement that can be implemented across all projects in real-time.

Is it a "one and done" kind of playbook? No.

Do we attract the thinkers, the boundary pushers, the ones that are never satisfied in giving our clients "good enough"? Yes.

Meet a few of the team members who work in the trenches day-after-day, solving problems as efficiently and effectively as possible.