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Antitrust and Competition

Antitrust and Competition

Level Legal understands the unique eDiscovery challenges clients face when handling large-scale antitrust matters. And as antitrust and competition laws are rapidly evolving, companies are facing increased risks and severe penalties trying to keep up with these new complexities. Across various industries and jurisdictions, Level Legal’s attorneys help our clients implement strategic discovery workflows in antitrust litigation and competition law matters.

Our antitrust managed review team has deep experience and skills in all types of competition investigations and disputes. Their specific knowledge and focus on nuanced analysis, along with our cutting-edge technology tools, allow us to build solutions for our clients that withstand scrutiny in all jurisdictions, ensuring privilege is protected and compliance is maintained end to end.

At the project level, eDiscovery often plays a critical role in the outcome of antitrust matters. The size, scale, and document-intensive nature of most antitrust matters—litigation, mergers, and investigations—requires that we take a strategic approach to efficiently discover critical facts and put them into usable perspective. It is critical that we work closely with corporate and outside counsel from the outset of the engagement to collect, process, review, and produce data in a defensible and cost-efficient manner. Our data and analytics experts collaborate early to ensure we deploy the correct technology and TAR workflow to dramatically reduce the project scope and cost of compliance.

Investigations and internal audits

Our antitrust compliance investigation experience covers criminal and civil antitrust investigations of all kinds at the federal and state levels. It also includes investigations by European and Asian competition authorities, as well as internal investigations.

We routinely conduct audits covering the full range of antitrust issues to identify potential risks and recommend risk-reduction measures. Such audits can be calibrated from very targeted email review, to more in-depth investigation of conduct most likely to lead to the greatest antitrust exposure, such as contacts with competitors.